Champion Health Services, Inc. is the ultimate solution for the management of prescription medications, over-the-counter and medical supplies in the Athletic Training Medical Office. We deliver medications directly to the team physician adhering to the all states Board of Pharmacy, DEA and FDA standards for dispensing and administring on an as-needed basis.

Champion Health Services, Inc. is a dedicated group of service-focused professionals who provide the most experienced medication supply resource management in the industry. With an unsurpassed record of client discretion and strict corporate oversight, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that are able to meet and exceed the toughest federal standards by blending technology with inventory control. Our industry leading, web based application, MORE (Medication Organization and Regulation), we have developed an unprecedented medication-delivery and record-keeping system that pays particular attention to the unique needs of collegiate and professional sports organizations.

Team physicians, athletic training staffs and club officials have expressed their needs to address and meet concerns regarding travel, compliance, convenience, regulations, security, privacy, league reporting requirements and media attention to drug usage and medications. Currently, more the majority of all professional sports organizations and all of the USOC training facilities plus the USA Summer & Winter Olympic Teams utilize the MORE prescription drug application. Our clients consistently praise the level of service we provide and express a very high level of satisfaction.

Your Champion Health Services team:

Erika Hoffman, CEO & Dir of Sports Medicine:
erika.hoffman@champion-rx.com biography

Eric Parent, President:
eric.parent@champion-rx.com  biography

Monica Hoffman, CFO:
monica.hoffman@champion-rx.com biography


Champion Health Services, Inc., 5481 Commercial Drive Ste B,

Huntington Beach, CA-92649Toll Free (877) 467-7679    Fax (877) 735-4876

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