Wholesale Medications*

ATMO DispensingAthletic Training Medical Office (ATMO) Dispensing 

Multiple package sizes

Stock medication are available in various packaging and quantities. Repackaged at a licensed facility to meet the current Federal and States regulations in safety and compliance. Available packaging types and sizes are selected when ordering through the MORE application. We place all our pharmaceutical products in consumer-friendly and FDA compliant packaging.

Manufacturer Unit-Dose packaging

Custom repackaging options available- inquire within

           Ensure timely delivery through our bonded carrier FedEx

Competitive pricing


Personal prescriptions

Champion Rx is our licensed retail pharmacy, conveniently located in Huntington Beach, California. In addition to our ability to provide pharmacy services throughout California, Champion Rx can extend the same quality services in Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Arizona, New York, Ohio, Missouri, and Washington.

Your physician can send us your prescription via SureScripts through his/her EMR system, or it can be faxed or emailed to us.

For more information, please contact our pharmacy, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (PST) :

-Phone: (855) 699-2221        -Fax: (877) 735-4866


We accept all major insurance carriers.


Medication Organization and Regulation (MORE) web softwareRx

Our Medication Management software is the state-of-the-art inventory control and medication tracking system available that specializes in the athletic environment. With Champion Health Services and the MORE system, you receive all the documentation and procedures necessary to assist in compliance with state and federal pharmacy regulations. Our system of ordering and tracking provides you with the convenience of stocking your prescription medications in the athletic medical facility while also protecting the organization, the physicians and athletic trainers.

To further help control costs, the MORE system includes inventory management features that monitor your stock and notify you when you are getting low.  This feature allows the MORE application to automatically fill in your order with all the necessary information based on your settings. Of course, you are able to modify any of these numbers in special circumstances. When your order is ready simply submit it through the MORE system. It will be electronically sent to Champion Health Services*, filled and shipped quickly and efficiently.

The MORE system offers practically unlimited reports allowing you and your physician to closely monitor all aspects of your medication usage. View or print reports season-to-season, month-to-month, by team, sport, player or the whole organization. The MORE system offers the most powerful reporting tool available in medication management.

Data backup is not an issue using the MORE system. Backups are done automatically every hour, incrementally, and a full backup is done overnight. The data is housed on secure servers using encryption to US banking standards.

Benefits of MORE

Online ordering system developed using DEA compliant standards

Physician digital signature capable

Physicians can be immediately notified of orders, transactions or both based on preferences

Multi-platform compatibility

Data stored on secured servers and encrypted to US Banking standards

Passwords are always private and can be modified by the user

Automatic usage email update is available based on system preferences

Personal customer support available seven days a week

Multi-level HIPPA compliant security customizable to your needs

Ordering is integrated with Champion Health Services servers so errors are all but eliminated


Over-the-Counter Product Categories

Pain Relief

Allergies, Cough, Cold & Flu

Creams, Ointments, Powders & Sprays

Anti-acids, Stomach & Diarrhea

Eyes & Ears


Medical Supply Product Categories

Hot and Cold Packs

Pads, Wraps & Compression Dressings

Bandages and Tapes

Sanitizers, Wipes & Cleaners

Pumps, Sprays & Liquids


IV Solutions

Catheters, Needles & Syringes

Sutures and Laceration Trays


Insurance Benefits and Services

Our healthcare management department of experienced professionals provides medical billing and patient account collection to maximize the reimbursement from insurance companies. In addition, we can collect third-party claims such as workers compensation claims on behalf of the patient.

Private Insurance Services: Reduce costs associated with prescription filling. Our insurance agent initiates the paperwork filing with the insurance company and will oversee the complete process by working closely with the insurance carriers, reducing delays in reimbursement. The patient is only responsible for copays and out-of-pocket expenses according to the terms of the insurance plan coverage. There are no complicated paper forms to complete. The prescription insurance filing information is identical to the process at your local pharmacy.

Worker Compensation Services: No out-of-pocket to fill a prescription. The insurance company is billed on the patient’s behalf, eliminating the financial burden. Our service assists injured athletes to obtain their medications on time. There are no complicated insurance forms to complete. The required information is minimal in order to process a claim.

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