Athletic Training Medical Office (ATMO) Dispensing

Point of care Team Physician Dispensing

Team physicians choose to dispense medication in the athletic training medical office (ATMO) for a wide variety of reasons including increased patient compliance with treatment plans and to provide the high level of care expected with elite athletic programs. Point-of-care dispensing meets the needs of the modern elite athletic patient care facility and the Medication Organization and Recording (MORE) web-based ordering and dispensing system offers a convenient and compliant solution for team physicians who choose to dispense medication directly to their patients.

Champion Health Services is Board of Pharmacy certified medication wholesaler in multiple states and we are more than happy to provide you with information regarding your state. Team physicians who engage in our point of care medication dispensing system report a wide variety of positive benefits including

• Ease of ordering and tracking of medications
• Increased patient satisfaction and convenience
• Increased patient compliance
• Decreased medical staff time spent on pharmacy calls

Continue reading to learn how our system enables team physicians to dispense at the team’s athletic facility. Or, you can contact us and a member of our sales and business development team will get back to you.

The Benefits of Physician Dispensing at the Point of Care

• Minimal up-front investment cost
• Minimal staff time to implement
• Increased patient satisfaction and convenience
• Increased patient compliance leading to improved outcomes
• Eliminate staff time spent on the phone with pharmacies

MORE In-Office Physician Dispensing Program

• Web Based Software for ordering, tracking and billing
• A full suite of services are included for one price
• Multiple packaging options to ensure best flexibility
• Ongoing technical training and support
• Ongoing regulatory guidance and support

Personal Insurance Physician Dispensing Program

The MORE ordering and dispensing system can assist you in receiving personal insurance reimbursement for medications dispensed in the ATMO. The viability of this service varies by state and insurance plans and its economic feasibility is based on both formulary fee schedule and reimbursement rates for each particular state and insurance plan.

Types of Medication Physicians Dispense in-Office

Dispensing physicians traditionally dispense oral medication at the point of care. However, our system enables physicians to dispense other types of medications as well. For example, our system allows for dispensing of injectables (i.e. Marcaine, Lidocaine, Kenalog) for pain management or anti-inflammatory procedures. Compounded medications for direct application (ex. iontophoresis, phonophoresis and/or transdermal massage) can also be available for dispensing.